Dry body brushing has been revealed to have lots of skin-related and other health benefits such as detoxification benefits.

All you would need is a brush with natural bristles, however if you have sensitive skin, you should go for softer brushes. Natural bristle brushes are available at your local stores.

dry body brushing

If you are interested on this procedure and would like to know more, this post will tackle things that you need to know about dry body brushing.

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Doing dry body brushing at home is known for its benefits such as exfoliating skin, encourage blood flow, improve the appearance of cellulite, reduce the occurrence of keratin plugs, stimulates the lymphatic system of your body as it helps you shed excess water as well as toxins and more.



dry body brushing 3

Make sure that your skin is dry, and then brush your skin gently and with long strokes.

Start with your hands, up to your arms and to your shoulders. In order to stimulate blood circulation, do strokes moving towards your heart.

Brush your stomach gently by using clock-wise circular motions.

Brush your hips, down to your legs and feet gently.

Also brush your back, ask for help if needed.

Make sure that you don’t brush your face as well and avoid brushing broken or irritated skin.

After brushing your body, take a shower. Moisturize your skin afterwards.



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