Jeggings are pants which are made to look just like skin-tight denim jeans. People like to wear them because of their jean appearance and their legging feel.

Just like denim jeans, Jeggings can also be worn in many ways, however it may also happen that the look could go wrong.

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Here are some tips on wearing Jeggings:


Since Jeggings are fitted, they could widen your frame.

If you want to have your legs look slim as much as possible, you should go for darker colors. Dark colored pants could help in reducing your silhouette. While lighter colors  could add curves to your bottom half.


When buying jeggings, try it on and try to sit down while wearing it.

If it would be not comfortable for you to sit down while wearing it, then you should not buy it.

Jeggings are supposed to fit comfortably on your legs, and not cutting off the circulation of your legs. If they are too tight, it could also not do any justice to your figure.


If you want to have more length, wearing heels with your Jeggings would be a great idea.


If you want some shape, you can wear a belt at the top your blouse to emphasize your waist.

For a more stylish look, you could also pair your Jeggings with oversized shirts or sweaters.

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Do you also love to wear Jeggings?

Are there other tips on wearing Jeggings which you would like to add?

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