Jeans have lots of varieties, styles, fits and colors. They are a very essential clothing item as it could easily go well with any kind of outfit.

If you want to pull off a great casual outfit, you can go for a flip flops with jeans.

Here are some things you should consider when wearing jeans with flip flops.




Darker jeans could look a bit formal compared to lighter jeans. You can pair dark jeans with flip flops to have a dressy and casual look.


Slouchy Jeans


This laid back jean style is perfect for a casual look. Just make sure that they are not dragging on the ground or falling off the back.


Straight fit


Jeans which have a straight leg and features a tailored look could be great to pair with flip flops. They come in different colors and washes so you can pick one which complements your flip flops well.


Skinny leg


This style would also look great with flip flops. You can cuff your jeans at the bottom or wear it past the ankles for a slouchy look.

Slim fitting flip flops would also look great on skinny jeans because of its width.


You should also make sure that your flip flops are a cut higher than your rubber shoes. Choose flip flops which have thicker soles as they have more substance and appears more masculine compared to those with lighter soles.


Do you know of other tips on how you can wear jeans with flip flops?

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