Ways to wear a Tunic dress

Tunic dresses are garments which usually reach from the shoulders down to the hips and ankles.

The name Tunic comes from the Latin word ‘tunica’ which means a basic garment which is worn by men and women in ancient Rome and in ancient Greece.

In modern times, Tunic dresses are still being worn by women. These dresses are great for the summer and spring season as they are very comfortable to wear because of their loose fit and style.

They could also be used as a bikini cover up or for street fashion. It can even be worn as an office outfit as well.

Check out some ways on how you can wear Tunic dresses below!


As a dress

You can simply wear the tunic dress as it is. You can then try to accessorize with it and wear your favorite boots, heels or flats.

Tunic dress 2

Add a belt

You can emphasize your waist which was covered by the dress with a stylish belt.


Pair it with leggings or pants

You can also wear it with your favorite leggings or pants.


Tucked in

You may also tuck it in your pants to make it look like a top. Just make sure that that the dress is made up of thin material to be able to avoid bunching.



Do you love to wear Tunic dresses as well? Which look was your favorite?

Do you have other ideas on how to wear Tunic dresses?

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