A Sarong is an important summer fashion item that women love to have especially in their trip to the beach.

Women love to have them as Sarongs have lots of purposes. It could be worn as a beach cover up like a dress or a skirt, it could also be used as a beach towel or as a scarf or a shawl.

There are also many ways on how you can tie a sarong depending on what you want to wear it for.

Here are some ways on how to tie a sarong:

As a skirt

Hold the sarong horizontally and wrap it around your waist. Hold the corners and form a knot. You may twist it to your side if you want your leg to be exposed as you walk.

side skirt

For a shorter skirt, you can fold the sarong to form a triangle and simply wrap it around your waist.

Sarong short skirt

As a shawl

Simply drape the sarong over your shoulders.


As a dress

For a Halter dress, wrap the sarong around your back and have the corners at the front of your body. Then simply tie the corners at the back of your neck.

Sarong Halter Dress

For the bandeau cascade style wrap the sarong around your back hold the corners and tie it above the bust.

BC Dress

Always make sure that your knots are tied securely, you may also use a clip to the knot in order to add security for the knot you made.

Are there other ways on how you can tie your sarong?

Share it with us below!

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