The summer season may be limiting your options when it comes to layering clothes. This is where vests come in.

You can wear vests over any kind of dress or top and paired with any kind of jeans, shorts or skirts for the warm weather.

Here are some ways on how you can wear vests for summer.

Denim Vests

This kind of vest is a classic piece and is loved by many. Wear your denim vest with your dress or with your top. You can wear it over white for a classic look or wear it with any other color or printed top for a new kind of look.

Denim Vest


Printed Vests

You can match your printed vests like stripes or florals with solid or neutral tops and bottoms.

floral vest

Leather Vests

You could also try a leather vest paired with a printed skirt for a chic look.


Tank Top

The basic style of wearing a vest for summer is wearing it under a tank top which matching jeans, shorts or skirts.


With Printed Pants

You could match a solid or neutral vest with any style of printed pants. You can either go for a similar color or for a color which compliments it.


Bare Midriff look

Wearing a vest could give you more cover as well as emphasize the midriff.


Which looks was your favorite? Do you also like to wear vests?

Do you have other ideas on how to wear vests for summer?

Add a comment below to share your thoughts!

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