While summer brings a hot weather, beach trips, food trips and some weekend getaway, it also brings a lot of sales!

For the new season, we often have the feel to go on a shopping trip to be able to get new and cool outfits which could make us comfortable and would fit the season.


Here are two important tips on shopping for summer which you should know!

Choose fabrics carefully


It is very important to consider the kinds of fabric which you would be having for your summer look. Keep in mind that we tend to sweat more due to the hot weather which is why it is important to choose fabrics carefully.

The best choice of fabric would probably Linen as it stronger than cotton and is great at conducting heat. It is even considered a solid summer material.

Silk is also a good choice as it is cool and breathable, however, it requires to be frequently cleaned when you sweat.

Choosing the right sizes for summer shoes


It is advised to buy larger sizes when choosing for shoes to be worn on summer. Our feet actually swell during the summer season which is why it would be great if you would buy half a size or one size larger than your original shoe size.

For shoes made of leather, suede and canvas, you can go for half a size larger.

While for shoes made of plastic or faux leather, you can go for a one size larger.


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What other tips on shopping for summer would you like to share with us?

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