Whenever you have your shirt tucked in or not tucked makes a big visual difference. You would become much classier with a proper tuck, however, a sloppy tuck could give you a not so good look.

Here are some things you should know on tucking your dress shirt:


Basic tuck

Put on your shirt and pull it down to gather any extra material at the bottom of the shirt. Pull your trousers up to your waist and put the bottom of your shirt inside of it. Pull the zipper up and fasten the button of your trousers.

Put on your belt and give your shirt a light pull. Be careful not to pull out too much as it might look sloppy.

Also, make sure that you always wear a belt when tucking in dress shirts to avoid making your waistline from looking a bit exposed.


To ensure that you make a good tuck, see to it that the line formed by the edge of your shirt matches with the line of the fly in your trousers.


When to tuck?

It is a must that you tuck in the dress shirts which hangs past your hips. This could give you a more formal look.


Otherwise, the dress shirt could look like a dress. Some formal occasions like on funerals, graduations, court appearances, weddings, or any other religious ceremonies calls for a tucked in dress shirt.


Do you have other tips you would like to share when tucking your dress shirt?

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