Furs could be quite expensive which is why it has to be given special care to be able to make sure that they would last long.

If you have bought a new fur garment and don’t know how to take care of it, worry no more. This post would tell you some tips on how to take care of your garment.

fur garments

Here are some tips on taking care of Fur:

> Avoid ironing Fur. Doing so will ruin the fur as the heat can penetrate to the leather and would cause it to dry and tear.

> Also avoid excessive sunlight to prevent the fur from fading.

> Don’t hang your fur on a garment bag nor in a plastic bag. It needs air circulation to be able to keep it from drying out

> Have your fur fixed or cleaned professionally. They would know what to do with your fur. Don’t try to use pet shampoo on the fur either as it could ruin it.

> Avoid brushing your fur, instead give it gentle shake to remove dirt.

> Using hairspray or perfume should also be avoided when wearing fur as they may contain alcohol which can dry it. The odor would be quite difficult to remove as well.

> As much as possible, avoid wearing your fur in the rain. If you must, be sure to hang it immediately and allow to dry away from any heat sources. Store it properly after.


Do you have other care tips on Fur which you would like to share?

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