When it comes to dressing for summer, it requires much thought to be able to dress while showing some skin.

To make sure that you would be able to look good you need to bear in mind some useful tips.

Here are some tips on summer outfits for women:


Wear crop tops

If you are getting worried of sweat, you can go for cropped tops with stylish cut-outs for extra ventilation. You can also see here if you want to create your own crop tops at home!

cool crop topsChoose the right fabrics

It is recommended to wear linen or cotton for the summer season. These fabrics could absorb and release moisture. You can read more about it here.

Polyester on the other hand, contains synthetic fibers in which sweat stains would not be visible. However they may sometimes not be comfortable to wear as it can make you feel hot.

clothes store


Wear open sandals with dirty nails

Grooming your toe nails is very important. It has been said that our toe nails reflects our personality, which is why he should give time to pamper our feet. Giving it a quick pedicure at home and adding a lovely nail polish would be perfect.

open toe sandals

Wear short skirts and shorts when you have visible bruises or marks on your legs

If you are going to display your skin, it should at least look great, right? You can cover up those marks with some creams, concealers or some self tan.

leg marks



Are there other tips on summer outfits for women which you would love to share with us?

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