It has been said that the Hair is a women’s “Crowning Glory”. Thus it is really important to take care of properly.

Since hair is made of protein, one should maintain a balanced and healthy diet as well as good hygiene to keep one’s hair silky soft and beautiful.

Here are some tips on how to take care of one’s hair:
Wash it properly.

Don’t wash your hair too often. This will make your hair dry. Also, using shampoos daily would also damage your hair so try to do it every other day.

Hair Washing

When using conditioners, make sure that it matches your hair type

Dry it properly.

Let your hair dry naturally, and avoid using blow-dryer regularly. This causes hair damage.

Blow dry

If you are using a towel for drying, don’t rub it too much. This makes your hair frizzy and have split ends.

Do not sleep while your hair is still wet as this will make your follicles weak. This will result in hair loss since your hair becomes brittle.


Brush it properly.

Brushing your hair too much would also cause damage in your hair, making it frizzy.

combMake sure not to brush your hair while it is still wet since it will make your hair brittle. It is recommended to use a wide tooth comb to be able to brush out tangles while your hair is still wet.

Styling and Maintaining.

Avoid applying too many chemicals on your hair since this will make your hair brittle and damaged. Hair styling techniques such as curling, straightening, bleaching, hair coloring should not be done regularly since this will dry and damage your hair.


Eat healthy. Maintaining a balanced diet will make your hair have the necessary vitamins that it needs, making it beautiful and healthy.


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