While Sunglasses are a very important fashion item which adds detail to your whole look, it also protects your eyes from the heat of the sun.

Just like sunscreens, sunglasses are also important when going outdoors as they protect you against sun damage. Not only does the UV ray damages your skin, but it can also damage your eyes as well. It may sometimes cause cataracts or may lead to poor eyesight.

Blanc & Eclare Sunglasses

Here are some things to consider when choosing sunglasses:

Big sunglasses are great since they offer more protection against UV rays as they block more lights which hits your eyes.

The frames in your sunglasses should fit on your nose as well as in your ears where there is no need to pinch or rub it to be in place. Also, in order to prevent the light in getting to your eyes, you should also pick sunglasses which fits close to your brow area.

Big Frames

When looking for a complete protection against the sun’s heat, choose sunglasses which says that its lenses block 100% or at least 99% of UVA and UVB rays. Also make sure that it offers up to UV 400 protection in order to protect your eyes from the tiniest UV rays.

You can also go for Polarized lenses when you spend your time at the beach. These lenses could reduce glare as they can filter out reflected sunlight which bounces off the surface of water or pavement.

Polarized Sunglasses

Do you love to wear sunglasses as well?

Do you have other tips when choosing a sunglass?

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