Most men have at least one suit and will wear it at least once in their lifetime. Most suits could be really expensive so it really is important to know how to take good care of it.

UntitledRead below for some tips and guides so that you could be able to preserve a suit and wear it even after many years.

Here are some tips for taking care of a suit:


It is advisable to keep your suit in a place where they could breathe and away from your other clothing. You could use a wooden hanger for hanging it to retain its shape.

Suit Rack

If you want to put it in a suit bag, make sure that the zipper is a bit to let a bit of air to get in. Otherwise, the suit would have molds.



It is preferable to have your suits wet-cleaned rather than dry-cleaned. As dry-cleaning uses lots of chemicals, which may wear out the wool in your suit, go for wet-cleaning. Unless your suit is really dirty then have it dry-cleaned, but not regularly.

Dry cleaning

If they get wrinkled, have it pressed. But, avoid ironing the edges to avoid it to wear out.

Other Tips:

*When doing dry-cleaning, make sure to have it cleaned by professional and trusted cleaners.

*Wear an undershirt as this helps absorb perspiration and prevents it from going to your suit.

* Don’t wear it regularly, wear it every other day, giving it a day of rest.

What other tips do you have in mind?

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