Most people love stripes but would not dare to wear Stripes on Stripes. They may think that it is a violation with the fashion rules. But in reality, there is a way on how to pull off this look. With these stripes, you will never go out of season!

Check out some stripes on stripes look that you might want to try below!

The basic rule is that you mix stripes when they are different in terms of size and thickness. Thick stripes will have to go with thin stripes.

Stripes womenTry striped jackets on a striped tee or dress

You could also try to show up some skin to break a striped shirt and a striped skirt!

stripe break

Each of the pieces still preserves their uniqueness and people could distinguish between your outfits or layers.

The same goes to men’s suits, shirts and ties. When you wear matching stripes, make sure that these stripes are of different sizes. Also, try to stay away from stripes with the same direction.

Stripe suitMen’s Modern Two Button Jacket Flat Front Pants Striped Suit

Stripe suit2Dark Navy Pinstripe Suit complete outfit dress wear

It is also recommended to wear a solid-colored suit when going for the stripes on stripes shirt and tie.

stripe shirt tie

Men’s Suit Two Button Side Vent Jacket Flat Front Pants

Although the stripe pattern may be classic, you could still do some changes and stylize it to make sure that it could still look fresh and chic.

Follow these guidelines to rock those stripes on stripes look!

Are there other tips that we have missed?

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