Stripes and Polka dots

Do you love stripes? How about polka dots? If you do love them both, why not try to wear them both!

Mixing these classic and very popular styles could be possible. If you are getting tired of your old styles, try to experiment with your wardrobe and try something new. Just like the Stripes and Polka dots look!


Emma Stone at Academy Awards Nominee Luncheon

If you need a guide on how you should mix and match Stripes and Polka dots, check out our list below!


Try wearing the same color schemes.

One of the basic styles when it comes to matching patterns.

20a5bb7aeeae76f66eb9e42b9bef2123Blue stripes and blue polka dots

color scheme

Match them with your accessories too!

Black and White

You will never go wrong with this classic color combination. As they say, opposites do attract. These prints would absolutely complement each other.

black and white polka stripesBlack and White Combo

black and white polka stripes2

Sexy Stripe V-neck Top with High Waist Polka Dot Pleated Skirt

black and white polka stripes3Black and White Strapless Printed Tube Dress

One of the prints must stand out from the other.

Avoid thin stripes with thin polka dots, or thick stripes with thick polka dots. Try to balance your outfit by having one print larger than the other.

The smaller print would be able to compliment the larger print. This look would definitely catch people’s attention.

black and white polka stripes4

Thin polka dots with thick stripes


Thick polka dots on thin stripes

What do you think of the stripes and polka dots style?

Will you be trying it?

Share your thoughts with us!


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