Steam bathing helps you become relaxed and relieve stress, cleanses your skin and revitalizes your body.

People love to do steam bathing as it also has a lot of health benefits. It could help in boosting your immune system and your blood circulation. If you want to try and get a steam bath, there are things you should know to be able to enjoy and have a better experience with steam bathing.

Here are some steam bathing tips which you should know about.


Showering before entering the steam room

towelWhen you shower with warm water before going inside the steam room, it helps in opening your pores.

Salt and Honey


Before entering the steam room, you may also choose to apply a mixture of 2 teaspoons honey and 1 teaspoon of salt on your arms, legs and neck. This mixture could help in increasing your sweat while steam bathing.

Entering the room

steam bathing tips

Wrap yourself on a towel and bring a cool towel for your forehead and for your neck. You could also choose to bring a bottle of water. Avoid consuming soft drinks or alcohol and avoid falling asleep either.

While in the steam room, be sure to gently massage the areas on your body where you have recently felt pain.

Showering after entering the steam room


Shower in cold water after having the steam bath to help close your pores.


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