Insoles are placed inside a shoe in order to add comfort as well as support the shoe.

There are many kinds and shapes of insoles available, however, you need to make sure that the shape of your insole should match the shape of your shoes as well as your feet.

You should make sure that you choose the right insoles for your shoes and feet in order to reduce the discomfort and the pain that you feel.

Here are some shoes which you should be putting insoles on!


High heels

high heels 2High heels could become uncomfortable to wear, most especially when you wear it for several hours a day. It is important to wear insoles with heels as when you start to walk awkwardly due to the pain and discomfort, you would be most likely end up breaking your heels.


Athletic shoes

athletic shoesYou should also put insoles on your athletic shoes as well. This could help add support on your shoes. For a best fit, you could choose an athletic shoe which has a removable insert which you can replace with an insole that matches the shape of your feet.


Casual shoes

casual shoesSince you usually wear your casual shoes more often anywhere you need to go, you should also be putting insoles on them as well. Whether it is a men’s shoes or women’s flat shoes, you should place insoles on them for added comfort.

Do you know of other shoes which you should be putting insoles on?

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