Shopping for wristwatches

Wristwatches are one of our favorite timepiece as it could be worn on our wrists and may be carried anywhere we need to go to.

Here are some tips on shopping for wrist watches:


Style and color

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Determine if you want a self-winding watch, a digital watch or quartz, make sure that you would choose a wristwatch that suits your style and taste.



Try the watch on

Shopping for wristwatches 2

Trying the watch on your wrist could really make a difference. It would then be a lot easier for you to find out if the watch fits you or not. However, if you are unable to try the watch on like when you are buying it online, there is still a way to figure out if the watch could fit you or not.

Simply look for the specifications on the watch to determine the size of the watch case, you can then use a ruler to draw a replica of the watch case on a paper. Cut out the shape and put it on your wrist to determine if the watch could fit you or not.





This is measured from the buckle up to the last hole in the strap or from the clasp sections on the bracelets style watches. If you want to go for a bracelet style, remember to add 1 inch on your wrist size.


Do you like to wear wristwatches?

Are there other tips on shopping for watches which you would like to add?

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