If you have be worrying about what the sun could do to your precious skin, you could always get a tan. However, if you don’t time or budget to go on a tanning salon you can always apply it on yourself.

Although you may have heard other people who had bad experiences and stories regarding applying a self tanner, you can prevent these problems if you would prepare your skin properly and apply the tanning formula on your skin with proper care.


Here are some tips on applying Self tanner which you should remember:

  • Apply the tanning formula in circular motion to even the tan.


  • You can try mixing the tanner with a lotion for a more natural look.


  • You can also apply the tan at night to give it more time to develop.


  • You may also use a spray, a roller or a sponge if you don’t have someone to do it for you.


  • You might want to shave hair at the chest or the back first before applying the self tanner.


  • Stretch marks, freckles and moles would most likely darken along with your skin.


  • Avoid wearing silk or nylon clothes after you have applied a self tanner as these fabrics would most likely get stained easily.


  • Make sure you put on loose and dark clothing after more than 10 minutes have passed since you applied the tan.


Self tanner DP

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