People, women and even men nowadays, love to wear Earrings. Just like any other accessories, Earrings are also great as it adds detail on our whole outfit.

It is also important as it is worn close to our faces which people see first when they look at us. By wearing the right kind of earrings, we could be able accentuate our natural beauty and definitely be able to stand out from the crowd.

What most people don’t know is that there are actually different earrings for different face shapes. Yes, just like how there are different necklaces for different necklines.


Check out some tips so you could wear the right earrings for your face shape.

For Oval shaped faces, go for oval shaped earrings or drop earrings. This would draw the attention to your face.


For Square shaped faces, elongated and dangling earrings are the best choice. These styles would soften the jaw line and your cheekbones.


For Round shaped faces, dangling earrings, skinny earrings and drop earrings could help add length.


For Heart shaped faces, have earrings which have curves or elongated lines.


For Oblong shaped faces, have studs, button or round earrings. This would help add sparkle to your eyes.


For Diamond shaped faces, go for small hoops, dangle and studs. This will reduce the sharpness of the jaw line and the cheekbones.


For Narrow shaped faces, go for pearl earrings. This will add softness and reduce length.


Are there other tips that we missed?

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