In our recent post DIY: Redesigning Jeans, we have talked about Jeans as one of our favorite fashion items and that we have at least one pair of it at home.


We have also showed some ways on how we could redesign those old jeans so that we could still be ‘in’ with the latest fashion trends and be able to save money as we don’t have to buy the latest style of jeans. We showed DIY Projects like ripping jeans, adding laces and dyeing it.

This time around, we will be showing some cool ways on recycling jeans! Yes, we could definitely put those old jeans into good use. You’ll be surprised of what you could do with them.

Find out how and what things could we do with our old jeans below!

Make Bracelets.

Unleash your creativity with by making these great and fashionable bracelets.



You could turn it into Denim Jeans Coasters.

You could now enjoy your coffee and wouldn’t have to worry on coffee stains or teapot stains in your favorite table.

Mug Coaster


Teapot Coaster



You could also make a Wall Organizer out of denim pockets.

You don’t have to worry about misplacing those pencils and pens anymore with this cool organizer.




Turn it into an Apron

You could also add other designs like laces, studs, beads, etc. to make it look cuter!



Make a Shoulder Bag out of it.

Simply cut the old jeans, do some weaving and voila! It becomes a stylish shoulder bag.



Which idea was your favorite?

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