Most women love to wear Fashion jewelry pieces in order to add color, variety and style to their outfit and wardrobe. Aside from the details that it adds, fashion jewelry pieces are also affordable and are available in many styles as well.

However, its disadvantage is that it has the tendency to discolor with wear and time. Good news is that, you can avoid this from happening.


Here are some ways on how you can prevent fashion jewelry from discoloring:


Avoid exposing your jewelry on water. Make sure that you remove them whenever you wash your hands, go for a swim or take the shower.

You should also make sure that you keep them away from harsh chemicals such as harsh cleaners. If they do get wet, make sure that you dry them properly before storing or using them.

Also, you should avoid exposing them with cosmetic creams, oils, perfumes lotions and the likes. When applying the said products on your skin, make sure that you let them dry completely before wearing your jewelry pieces.

Store your fashion jewelry properly when you are not going to use them. You can either keep them on a jewelry box or wrap them to keep the dirt and dust away. Doing so could also prevent scratches on your pieces which also contribute on the darkening of your fashion jewelry pieces.

Do you know of other ways on how you can prevent fashion jewelry from discoloring?

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