While women love to paint their Nails with cool and different styles and designs, it is also necessary to know how about nail care.

Taking care of your nails would not only make your hands look great but it also helps you look hygienic and healthy as well.

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Try to check if your nails are strong and healthy. If not, read below and check out some tips on how to properly take care of your nails.

Keep your nails clean.

To avoid bacteria and germs in your nails, always wash your hands.


Keep your nails short.

It is recommended to cut your nails straight, especially with your toenails to injuries when wearing shoes or boots.

Don’t cut cuticles.

Our cuticles are natural barriers to bacteria, it is best not to cut them.

Don’t use too much harsh nail polish remover products.

It is recommended to use acetone-free products.

non acetone

Have a good diet.

Iron deficiencies cause weak and brittle nails. Eat foods like red meats, liver, beans, nuts, egg yolk, fresh vegetables, whole grain and soy products. These foods will really keep your nails looking gorgeous and healthy.

Use moisturizer.

You can use hand lotions, rub them in your cuticles and nails.


You could also use a mixture of lemon juice and water before applying a moisturizer. Simply dip your toes and fingers for a few minutes, then clean it with warm water.

What do you think of these tips?
Did we miss anything?

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