While Denim could probably the most famous and the most beloved jeans out there, it deserves a little break as well.

Since summer brings a hot weather, jeans may also not be the most comfortable choice to wear.

If you have gotten tired of wearing denim for summer, here are some alternatives you might want to try on!

Check out some cool alternatives for jeans below and tell us which one is your favorite!


Linen Pants

As stated previously in our blog post regarding important shopping tips when it comes to choosing fabrics for summer, linen is a great choice for the hot season.

Linen - alternative for Jeans

Wool Trousers

These trousers are very light just like cotton. It could be worn for formal events or for a casual look.

wool - alternative for Jeans


These pants are considered as cousins of jeans. Compared to jeans, these are more comfortable for the hot weather.

Chino  - alternative for Jeans

Jersey Jogger Shorts

These cotton jerseys are very comfortable to wear during the hot summer season.

Jersey Jogger Shorts - alternative for Jeans

Although, there is nothing wrong with wearing jeans for summer, they just get a bit tiresome at times. So if you want to try on a new and cool look for the hot season, you can try the alternatives mentioned above which could make you feel comfortable for the new season.


Which kind of pants or shorts do you love to wear during the summer season?

Do you have other alternatives for jeans which were not mentioned in the list above?

Leave a comment below to share your thoughts!

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