You might be one of those women who love to wear Makeup every day to look great, cover oily skin or pimple, emphasize eyes and etc.

Removing all those makeup after being home every night just before hitting the sack is probably one of the best feelings you have as you can finally free your face from the thick makeup you have had for the whole day.

Some women would simply wash their face to remove their makeup and call it a day, while some use makeup remover wipes, cleansers, cotton pads and etc. What should be kept in mind is that, there are also rules and ways to follow when it comes to removing makeup.

Here are some Makeup removing tips that you should know about:

  • Be patient in rubbing off the makeup in your eyes. You’ll have to do it slowly since your eyes are extremely sensitive. They may get irritated if you rub them too hard.


  • Pull your hair back in a bun or in a ponytail. Aside from it not getting wet or distract you from removing your makeup, it also exposes your hairline in which makeup residue builds up. It is important to clean it as well.

wash face

  • Taking off your makeup every night is very important as it could clog in your face and cause skin irritations like pimples or acne.

sleep makeup

What do you think of these tips?

Are there other tips that we missed?

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