Lipsticks are a girl’s bestfriend, however, sometimes it could not be avoided that we make mistakes when applying our most favorite makeup item.

Here are some lipstick mistakes that most women do.

Not moisturizing

Always moisturize your lips to keep it from being dry and be crack-free.

Lip balm

Not exfoliating

Exfoliating your lips would prevent dry lips, being chapped, and get rid of those flakes. Doing so would make your lips looking great.


Not priming

Just like priming your face before applying makeup, you should also prime your lips as well. It adds a smooth layer and would help make your lipstick last longer.


Not using a lip liner

Using a lip liner would make it easier for you to apply lipstick and it keeps it in place. An option if you don’t want to go for a colored lip liner is to go for nude so it won’t be too obvious.


Not applying it correctly

As recommended, you should start to apply lipstick at the center of your lips and begin to move outwards.


Not Blotting

To make sure that your lipstick would not end up in your teeth or coffee cup, make sure to blot your lips in order to make sure that there isn’t too much of it. You may also use a tissue and place it in between your lips and pat gently.

I’m pretty sure you would not want to have lipsticks in your teeth, right?


Do you love lipsticks?

Are you guilty with these mistakes?

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