Backpacks are a necessary item when it comes to traveling, whether it is to school, work, camping or anywhere else. It could easily hold the items we need when traveling, such as books, gadgets, clothes and any other important things. For most people, it could also be used to match their outfits for the day.

It is definitely a trend among teenagers today. With Korean backpacks, one could choose different styles, shapes as well as sizes. It comes in different colors and varieties as well.

Most girls would prefer the stylish Korean bagpacks which are small and would not look bulky even when it is full. While some boys like the big bulky ones.

People usually follow Korean celebrities’ backpacks which they use with their airport fashion.

3646c6064d58bfb5f46239ef52c54b8cMiss A member Suzy’s glittery black backpack

e2528f9gunm596li09ucbxuftifs06ddMale Idols’ Airport Fashion

If you want to achieve that cute school girl/boy look or just want to fit with the trend at the streets, you might want to get the Korean backpacks.

Other than the school styles, there are also luxurious bagpack styles available.

Check out these stylish Korean backpacks!


Linen Vintage Style



Vintage Casual Women’s Backpack


Vintage Junior’s Backpack


Women’s Crocodile Pattern

Backpacks with Korean Pop Bands as tags are also a hit with most Korean Pop fans around the world. Wearing one will definitely tell that you proudly support your bias group. Who knows, you might instantly become friends with that stranger you suddenly bumped into who has the same bagpack as yours! 😀


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