We all like to experiment with our hair. We try different hair colors to be ‘in’ at the latest fashion trend and to see if it fits us. We may have difficulties in deciding which color for our hair should we choose, but the more difficult question is how to keep our hair color last after dyeing it.

Here are some simple tips on how you could keep your hair color from fading fast.

Shampoos and Conditioners

Shampoos & Conditioners

Using shampoos and conditioners which are made for color-treated hair is a must since these products have silicones which preserve color.

It is also recommended not to use shampoos every day since this causes your hair strands to swell. Try to shampoo every other day.

Wear Hats


Protect your hair from the heat of the sun by wearing hats. Too much exposure to sunlight may make your hair color fade faster.

Use Oil When Going For A Swim


Chlorine and other mineral deposits found in pool water may make affect your hair color. An alternative to wearing a swimming cap to protect your hair color is Oil – baby oil, olive oil or coconut oil. Before swimming, you could rub oil on your hair in order to protect it.


By keeping in mind these simple tips, you could definitely save your money and time as you wouldn’t have to recolor your hair every once in a while.

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