Jogger Trousers better known as Jogger Pants are trendy trousers which have elastic ankles and waist, a combination of regular pants and sweatpants.

This piece has instantly become a trend. Men love to wear them as they are really comfortable to wear and it even shows off their favorite sneakers or boots.

These pants are also very flexible, as it can be worn with almost anything. It is also available in different styles, and designs and you could wear it for work, for school, for events or just as a street style.

Even male celebs love them too!

Guys in leather sweatpants


Check out some of these ideas on how you can wear your Jogger pants!

For a simple street style look, wear your jogger pants with a tee, a beanie and sneakers.

Pants 1

For that hip hop look, put on your leather jogger pants with a simple tee and some cool sneakers.

You could never go wrong with black and white combo!

Pants 2

You could also wear it for school! Simply wear a khaki jogger pants with your varsity jacket, a tee and some sneakers.

Pants 3

If you want to wear it for work, wear it with a tee, a jacket and some boots.

Pants 4

Or you could tuck your shirt into your jogger pants and add a belt as well as some leather shoes.

Pants 5

For a cold weather, simply wear it with your favorite trench coat and some leather boots.

Jogger Pants

Do you love to wear Jogger Pants as well?

Which clothes and accessories do you wear them with?

Share your thoughts through the comment box below!

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