Floppy hats are another must – have item for the summer season. These types of hats have become a favorite for most women as it great to wear on the beach or for other kinds of summer trips.

Not only does wearing floppy hats great for protecting your face and hair from the heat of the sun, it is also great for matching with your summer outfit as it adds detail for your whole look.


If you have a lot of lot of old floppy hats which you don’t use anymore as they look old-fashioned or outdated, you can try and reinvent it!

You can add a bit of color and some stylish accessories to make those hats look new and unique. All you will need is some effort and time to be able to customize an old hat. Doing this could really save you some money as you would not really have to buy another hat.

Here are some ideas on customizing floppy hats!

You can add your favorite color for the rim

Customizing Floppy Hat 1

Add some feathers

Customizing Floppy Hat 2

Make it look like a Donut by painting it

Customizing Floppy Hat 3

Add a ribbon and tie a knot

Customizing Floppy Hat 4

Turn it into a polka dot hat

Customizing Floppy Hat 5

You can also add some flowers on it

Customizing Floppy Hat 6


Do you love to wear Floppy hats for summer?

Which customized Floppy hat was your favorite and you would love to try at home?

Do you have other ideas in customizing Floppy hats which you would like to share with us?

Add a comment below to share them!

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