If you have a hair weave and would need to wash it, you might have heard of horror stories that it could get frizzy and tangled when it is not washed correctly.

hair weave

Here are steps on how you can wash your hair weave:

  • Get your spray bottle and spray the top of your head about three to five times. Be careful not to soak the weave.
  • Bend over to have your hair hang in your face then spray on your hair. This way, the excess water would run down.
  • Put on mild shampoo on your weave and finger comb it.
  • Stand in front of the shower with your head back so that water could run all through the hair weave.
  • Spray a detangler on the weave and apply leave on conditioner.
  • You may also blow dry your hair weave by being in front of an electric fan with your hair all gathered at the back, you can set the fan on medium or low heat.
  • Make sure that your weave is completely dry before brushing it with a wide toothed comb, if it is not dried thoroughly, the water could cause mold. Also, brushing your weave while it is still wet could cause it to split and lose its luster.


Follow the steps above carefully to make sure that you would not ruin your hair weave!


Do you also have a hair weave?

Are there other tips which you would like to share on how you can wash your hair weave?

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