How you can protect your bald head during summer

Summer is here and it means that the sun’s heat is quite strong and would stay longer. This is why, if you have a bald head, it is very important to cover it up.

The sun’s heat could be very damaging to our body, it may cause skin cancer or sun burn. However, you can prevent these by protecting your head.

Here are some ways on how you can protect your bald head during summer:


WigsWearing wigs could protect your scalp from the heat of the sun. Wigs nowadays are available in human or synthetic hair. It is important that the wig you choose fits your face shape and compliments your features.


wide brimmed hats

Perhaps the most common way on protecting your head from the sun is by wearing a hat. They are lots of styles and colors available which could match your outfit. Wide-brimmed hats are recommended as they could also protect your face and neck from the sun’s heat.
Scarves and Turbans

turbanIf hats are not your thing, you can add scarves and turbans to your summer outfit instead. These items could also cover your head and you get to choose which style you like.

Swimming Cap

swimming capThe sun’s reflection off the water could make the UV rays much more damaging to your bald head, this is why you should be wearing a swimming cap.

Are there any other ways on how you can protect your bald head during summer which you would like to share?

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