Perm refers to a permanent wave, it uses chemicals to be able to break and reform the bonds of your hair.

Read below for ways on how you can prepare your hair before getting a perm:

Be ready

Remember that Perm is permanent, just as its name implies. It would take long for you to grow new hair, so make sure that you are ready and certain that you would really want to have a perm.


Decide on your hairstyle

You should also get a clear idea on what the kind of hairstyle that you would like to have. Decide on what you would do with your bangs or where you want your perm to start.


Get a haircut

After having a perm, it may be difficult to cut your hair, so be sure that you have a haircut first in order to get rid of any split ends.


Bar soap

Before having a perm, you could try washing your hair with bar soap instead of using shampoo. Using bar soap on your hair can actually help remove oils from your hair.



Remember that the procedure itself could take at least 4 hours to finish. Afterwards, you would have to let the perm set for a day and not wash your hair for 48 hours after getting the perm.

Be sure that your schedule would fit when you get a perm.


hair perm


Are there other tips on how you can prepare your hair before getting a perm which you would like to add?

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