Nail polish is made to create a strong varnish on our nails for a few days. This is why you should not be surprised if your favorite nail polish would not open if the polish stays and sneaks on the cracks of the nail polish cap creating tough glue.

So when it is time to have your nails polished, but your favorite nail polish would not open no matter how hard you twist the cap, read below for some tricks before you decide to throw them away.

Here are some ways on how you can open stuck nail polish!

Nail polish remover

nail polish removerGet your nail polish remover and dab a small amount on a Q-tip. Apply the remover on the case of the nail polish cap, wait for a minute and then try to open the cap.


Hot water

hot waterFill a container with hot water and wet the entire cap of the stuck nail polish bottle.

Alternatively, you can also rinse the cap under running hot water from the tap. Let the lid dry and try to twist it off.

Be sure not to wet the bottle with the hot water.


Rubber band

d5e7d3e78c155d4b42fed3f4fc26373dOften, the problem with not being able to open a stuck nail polish is because you don’t have enough grips. You can wrap rubber bands on the cap tightly for extra grip.


Have you tried having this problem?

Do you know of other tips on how you can open stuck nail polish?

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