If you are the type who likes to spend more time outside of your house and love to do all sorts of activities, you might want to have your clothes waterproof. Waterproof clothes may be expensive but making your clothes waterproof by using a few materials would be easy if you know the steps.

Read below to know how you can make your clothes waterproof.


Waterproof spray

waterproof set

Lay down the garment which you want to be waterproof on a work area with old newspapers. The garment should be washed and dried before doing the process in order to avoid having sturdy stains on the garment. Spray the inner surface of the garment starting at the inner surface and let dry.




Rub the beeswax directly on the clothing. To be able to easily apply it, you can place the wax on a warm place such as a heater or stove to make it a bit soft. Alternatively, you may also warm the clothes to make it easier to apply the wax. You can heat up the garment by putting it in the dryer or ironing it.


Beeswax and Linseed Oil


Melt the beeswax and combine it with the linseed oil. Prepare the garment which you need to waterproof on a work area with old newspapers. Apply the solution evenly with a brush to the garment and let it air dry.



Do you know of other methods on how you can make your clothes waterproof?

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