Some hats are at their best when they are a bit soft and broken in, while some need not to be broken in as it will gradually form to fit your head without softening it. Some hats should remain stiff so that they would not lose their shape. In order to keep your hats stiff, they are ways that you should follow.

Here are some tips on how you can keep your hats stiff:

Avoid touching the crown of your hat since pinching it would cause your hand to be soft, thus losing its stiffness and original shape later on. Instead of touching the crown, you can take your hat off by holding either the front or the back edge of the brim.

When not in use, store your hats properly. You can place the hat on a rack or in a hat box.

hat rack

When cleaning your hat, you should avoid liquid cleaners as they can soak the felt and make your hat soft.

Instead of liquid cleaners, you can put in 2 teaspoons of cornstarch or baby talcum powder for stains on your hat, most especially on the light-colored hats.

talc cornstarch

The cornstarch or the talcum powder acts like a dry shampoo which cleans the stain on your hat without making the hat wet. Brush with a cleaning brush for felt hats afterwards in order to remove dust, dirt, stray hair and the talcum powder or cornstarch.


Are there other ways on how you can keep your hats stiff?

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