If you are getting tired of having blue, black or any other color of your jeans and want to give it a new style. You might want to consider having your jeans fade.

Fading your jeans could easily be achieved given that you know the method and products which you would need, instead of just waiting over time which could be a long wait before your jeans could really start to fade.

Here are some methods on how you can fade your jeans!

bleach jeans


Perhaps the most common way of how you can fade your jeans would be by bleaching it. Simply place your jeans in a container with a quart of bleach. Let your jeans soak in bleach for at least 30 minutes and rinse it. You may also repeat the steps if you want a more faded look.


Dye Remover

Dye remover could give you a more faded look and is less damaging to your jeans compared to using bleach.

Fill a container with water and dye remover and soak your jeans. Be sure to read the instructions as each product could be different in terms of procedures.



Soak your jeans for at least two days in a mixture of 2 cups of salt and 5 gallons of water. Afterwards, use sand paper to sand your jeans then put it in a regular wash cycle.

bleach jeans 2

Have you tried fading your jeans?

Do you know of other methods on how you can fade your jeans?

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