Suede is a type of leather which has a napped finish.

Most women love to wear suede heels to complement their outfit.

Because of its textured nature as well as its open pores, suede shoes may easily become dirty and quick to absorb liquids. However, you should not throw away your black suede heels just because they may look a bit dirty. There are actually ways on how you can clean them.

suede heels

Here are some ways on how you can clean your suede heels:


Get your dry heels and tap them in order to remove loose dirt and debris. Alternatively, you can use a special brush to brush off the dirt from your heels. A suede brush has a soft grain which is perfect for cleaning your shoes.


You can also use an eraser to erase the marks which could not be removed by brushing. Simply rub the eraser on your shoes gently, increase the amount of pressure for tough marks.

white vinegar

For tougher marks, you can apply white vinegar on your suede heels. Simply dab white vinegar on a soft towel or rag. Wipe the marks with the vinegar and let it dry. No need to worry about the smell as it would go away once the shoes would dry.


In order to prevent stains and marks on your suede heels, you can apply a coat of suede protector spray on them.


Do you love to wear suede heels as well?

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