how you can avoid breaking your stiletto heels

Stiletto heels are long and thin high heels, named after the stiletto dagger.

Most women love to wear stiletto heels as it gives the optical illusion of having longer and slimmer leg, as well as smaller foot. However, as these kinds of shoes have thin heels, they are much more likely to be prone to breaking compared to other types of shoes.

If you want to avoid breaking your beloved stiletto heels, read below.

stiletto heels

Here are some ways on how you can avoid breaking your stiletto heels.


Avoid walking over a sidewalk grate when wearing your stiletto heels. The thin heels might get caught on one of the holes and it could break.

If you also happen to see an uneven section in the sidewalk, do not take risks and walk over it.


Another reason why heels break is because most women would tend to walk awkwardly when their feet start to hurt or feel uncomfortable because of the stiletto heels. Walking awkwardly could make you break the heel of your stiletto since you would tend to tip your foot to the side in order to ease the pain for a bit.

It is recommended to wear inserts or gel pads to prevent your feet from hurting.


One helpful tip when wearing stiletto heels is to bring super glue. So if ever your heel would break, the super glue could be an instant fix, though temporary at times, to your broken heel.

Do you know of other ways on how you can avoid breaking your stiletto heels?


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