Wearing Neon outfits is one of the popular trends during summer. It presents a fun and bright outfit which people love as it could make you have a look which stands out from the crowd for that fresh look.

However, wearing neon could be tricky at times and you might end up looking like a 12 year-old kid or a glow stick, so be sure that you follow certain steps and tips on how to wear them.

Here are some tips on how you can wear neon outfits and look fabulous:

Wear it with neutrals

You can pair up neon with neutral colors like white, brown and black. Since neon colors are bright, a way to tone them down is to pair it with a neutral color to avoid an over the top look.

Neon outfit 1

Neon Dresses in classic shapes

The bright color would really give a new look on the classic style. It would definitely make a dress more modern and classy.


Neon Jeans

You might also want to try wearing neon jeans paired with light colored tops for a preppy look which could be perfect for a casual day outfit.

jeans men

One pop of color

If you are still unsure on how to wear this color, you can go for one item at a time for a simple look, just like wearing a neon sweater or neon shoes and matching it with a casual outfit.

Outfit 2

Do you love to wear neon outfits as well?

How do you wear them?

Share your other tips with us through the box below!


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