Fishnets are an open diamond-shaped knit which is usually used for stockings, like tights or body stockings.

They are available in different colors but the black fishnet is the most commonly used color by many people.

It is usually worn by women who follow Goth and Punk fashion and by the mainstream who wear it as a fashion statement. It has also been considered as a sexy garment.


Some women, however, are not quite sure on how to wear them and look stylish while wearing it.

Here are some ways on how you how to wear Fishnets and look elegant!

Finer mesh

You could also go for fishnets which have small diamond shapes. They look more sophisticated and more toned down compared to wider meshed fishnets.


Wear it with a dress or a skirt

For an elegant lady look, wear your fishnets with your favorite dress or skirt. Usually, it is worn with skirts that sits above the knee or a bit longer.


Heels or boots

Avoid wearing fishnets with open shoes as it may look a bit messy. Instead, go for high heels, pumps, ankle or tall boots.

Fishnets 1

Another thing, you might also want to shave your legs before wearing fishnets since hair poking through the fishnet would not be good to look at. You may also wear pantyhose under the fishnets as an alternative to be able to get that smooth look.


Do you have other ideas on how to wear Fishnets?

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