Culottes are loose pants which usually hangs around the knee or could sometimes be shorter or longer. Women love to wear them as they are really comfortable and flowy. They are sometimes called as ‘skorts’ since they look like skirts!

In the Victorian Era, skirts with long splits were made for women who love to do horseback riding so they can ride comfortably. Now, culottes have made a comeback when it comes to fashion.

It is also great to wear culottes for the spring or for the summer season because it is breezy.


However, most women would not like to try and wear them as culottes have a ‘high fashion’ feel and are not that popular. They feel that it could be difficult and intimidating to wear culottes especially since only a few would wear them.

Here are some ways on how you can wear culottes that you might actually want to try.


Wear it with heels

As culottes are baggy, the common way of wearing it is to match an accessory with a girly feel. Culottes would look great with high heels and most women pair them up.


High Waist

You could also try wearing high waist culottes and pair it with a top which is tucked underneath it.


Crop Tops

Pairing a crop top with a culotte would also be great idea.



You might also want to pair it with bralettes for a chic summer look.


Would you be interested in trying culottes on? Which look as your favorite from the list?

Are there other tips that we missed?

Share your thoughts through the comment box below!



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