How to Wear Colored Jeans

Colored Jeans have become a hit fashion trend. Most of us have become tired with our usual blue, black or white jeans, which is why we have tried looking for new and brighter colors for our jeans.

These jeans may be easy to find as there are a lot of them in our favorite stores. They also come in different styles and shapes.


The trick with these colored jeans is how or what you should wear them with. Wearing the wrong top or accessories may make your whole outfit unbalanced.

Here are some tips on how you to wear colored jeans:

Color Wheel

color wheel

You may refer to the color wheel to choose complimentary or analogous colors when picking your top or accessories to match with your colored jeans.

Choosing a Top

Wear a top which contrasts with your jeans.


Choose accessories like bags, shoes and jackets with bold colors. But keep in mind that too much boldness may make your whole outfit unbalanced.


Pastel Jeans

You could choose a top which has a deeper or lighter shade with your pastel jeans.


Bold Prints

When going for bold prints, you could get a jacket to tone down your whole look.



It is recommended to have shoes with solid colors rather than printed ones.

Keep in mind these tips so you wouldn’t be too lost on how you could wear them.

Do you love wearing colored jeans as well?

Mind sharing some tips that we may have missed?

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