Leather has been in demand due to its durability, texture and because it has many uses. They also have an elegant finish, this is why items made out of leather have always been a class higher than items which are not from leather but from synthetic fiber.

Leather fabric

Today, there have been a lot of items in the market which is made of synthetic materials which looks like real leather. This is why one must be very careful when you are planning to buy a top quality leather item. As some products could be misleading at times, you should be able to tell if the item is made of synthetic material or with genuine leather.

Here are some tips to be able to tell if the item is made of genuine leather:


Know the price of the item


An item which is made of genuine leather could be quite expensive. The prices of genuine leather, semi genuine leather and synthetic leather are different so look around and be able to know their prices.


Check the label


Often, leather products are labeled as ‘genuine leather’ or ‘manmade material’ which refers to synthetic leather. There are also some which are marked ‘made with genuine leather’, this means that only a part of the item is made of leather.


Fire test

fire test

This is also called as the ultimate test, however it is not recommended to do this at a shop. Genuine leather would not easily catch fire and could give off a smell like burning hair. While synthetic leather would easily melt and would smell like burning plastic.


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