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To most people, this is the ultimate no-no when it comes to fashion, but some try to wear the Double Denim outfit and still look good on it.

Known as the classic layer of all time, Denim on denim is a must try if you are getting tired of your boring layering.

Back then, many tried the double denim look and have committed a fashion crime. Today’s designers want to revive the double denim look. What most people like about it, is that anyone may be able to have this look, you may already have it in your cabinet.

denim jacket

I bet we all have at least one pair of jeans and probably a denim jacket. Try wearing them together and pull off the double denim look.

Here are some stars that pulled off the look:


Anne Hathaway at the AOL Studios in NYC


Kpop’s King of Fashion G-Dragon at the airport

One way of wearing double denim is to have contrasting shades. That way, people wouldn’t immediately realize the similarity of the fabric you are wearing since the colors draws the people’s attention.


Kate Bosworth with different shades of blue



David Beckham with red jacket matching his boot’s laces

Another way to wear it is to have a white shirt under your denim jacket and pair it with some boots or heels which matches your bag or any other of your accessories.


Ashley Greene’s street fashion

So, will you be trying the double denim look?

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