How to prevent ballet flats to not hurt your feet

For most women, wearing simple shoes like ballet flats is their favorite. They are very easy and comfortable to wear and would look great on any kind of outfit.

However, just like wearing high heels, ballet flats can actually hurt your feet as well. Although they appear to be simple and comfortable shoes, it could still damage your heels as well as the sides of your feet.

ballet flat shoes

Here are some ways on how you can make your favorite ballet flats to not hurt your feet.


> Wear the shoes for only a limited period of time.

> You can use a cotton ball with a rubbing alcohol and wipe the damp cotton ball in the interior areas of the shoes which causes pain. The alcohol can soften your shoes.

> Apply a friction-blocking ointment in your feet before you wear shoes and reapply as often needed. You can buy them on drugstores or on outdoor supplies stores.

> You can also put circular bandages in your feet. This can absorb the friction between the shoe and your feet.



Most shoes would cause pain especially when they are new. When you take preventive measures like preparing your feet as well as your ballet flats before you wear them, you can really make your ballet flats to not hurt your feet!

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Do you know of other tips on how you can make your favorite ballet flats to not hurt your feet which you would like to add?


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