Have you tried taking off your socks and find out that you have those Sock Marks on your feet? Often, it takes a long time for the marks to fade. It could be a bit bothersome when we wanted to show off our legs or want to wear sandals but the marks still remain.

Here are some ways on how you can prevent and get rid of Sock Marks:

How to prevent them:


> Consider using Peds socks which leaves lesser marks.

Peds> If you plan on going out, be sure to remove your socks at least an hour before to give time for the marks to fade.

> Try folding the top part of the sock down to your ankle.


How to get rid of them:

Egg Whites

egg whites

Egg whites contain protein which helps get rid of the marks. Crack an egg and extract the egg whites. Whip it up and apply on your sock marks. Wash it off after a few minutes.

Vitamin E


This vitamin helps smoothen the skin and lessens the wrinkles as well as the lines in it. Get vitamin E capsules and extract the oil by opening it. Apply the oil directly on your skin by gently rubbing it.

Hot Shower

hot shower

The moisture from the steam when you take a hot shower could ease your sock marks and get rid of them. After taking the shower, use a towel to rub any remaining marks and use a moisturizer to smoothen it.


Do you know of other tips on how you can prevent and get rid of Sock Marks?

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