Women love to do braids on their hair since it is fun to do and has a cool and unique look.

However, many women out there ignores their braided hair and do not do anything to maintain or protect it at all.


Here are some ways on how you can maintain and protect your braids:

Moist scalp

Just like plants, our hair roots need to be moistened for it to survive and grow healthy hair. This is why you should keep your scalp moist by simply using water, it would not take long to do so anyway.


Wash braids

It is also important to wash your braids at least every two weeks. It may take too much effort, but it would be worth it in the end. Sweat and dirt could buildup and damage your hair so be sure to dry-wash your braids with a good shampoo.


Moisturize your hair

You can go for natural products as moisturizers, such as coconut or almond oil for your hair. You could also use a leave-on conditioner for non-greasy moisture.

It is very important to maintain and protect your braids so that you hair would be strong and healthy even if you keep your braids for months or years.


Wrap your hair when you sleep at night

By wrapping your hair at night with a satin scarf, you can keep your edges look fresh and protect your roots from drying whenever you sleep. You can use a satin pillowcase instead if you are not comfortable with satin scarves.


Do you also love to do braids on your hair?

Do you have other tips on how to maintain and protect your braids?

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