Leather clothes has always been one the popular trends when it comes to fashion. It is a tough material which is made up of animal skin that went through a lot of process.

Most people love it because of its durability. But when your favorite Leather clothes get wrinkled, how do you exactly fix it?

Here are some ways on how you can get rid of wrinkles in Leather clothes:




Put the leather in a hanger and gently pull it with your hands until the wrinkles are gone.




Set iron into low or medium heat, get a towel or any 100% cotton cloth and put it in between the garment and the iron. This could protect the leather from overheating. Be careful not to use a cloth which could bleed color in the leather. Gently iron the wrinkled area.




Whenever you take a shower, hang the leather garment in the bathroom. It is a way of steaming to get rid of wrinkles. Run the hot water and allow the steam to build up. Afterwards, take the garment and smoothen it with your hands.


Hair Dryer

hair dryer

Set the hair dryer into its highest setting and hold it at about 10 inches away from the leather. Move it back and forth from the wrinkled area to avoid it from burning. Smoothen the garment with your hands afterwards.


Do you have other tips on getting rid of wrinkles in Leather which you would like to share?

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