How to fix a stretched sweater

The more we wear our favorite knitted sweaters, the more it becomes stretched out of shape. No matter how well we take care of it, there would come a time when it becomes stretched.

It is important to know how we can be able to shrink it so that it would return to its original shape and size.

Here are two ways on how you can fix a stretched sweater:


Shrinking by hand method:


Fill a basin or the sink with warm water and soak your sweater for at least 15 minutes. Remove the sweater from the water and roll it in a towel in order to remove moisture as much as possible.

Place the sweater on a towel which is placed on a flat surface and scrunch the sweater into its desired shape.


For shrinking a few parts of the sweater:


Load a spray bottle with lukewarm water. Spray the stretched areas of the sweater until it becomes wet.

Place your sweater in a towel and finesse it until it goes back to its original size. You can then use a hair dryer to dry the affected area, but make sure that the dryer is set on low. This could then shrink and dry the stretched area of your sweater.


Make sure that you would not use hot water on your sweater, especially if it is made of100% wool. Doing so can damage your sweater.

Have you tried shrinking your stretched sweater?

Do you have other tips on fixing a stretched sweater which you would like to share?

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